DEPARTMENT of Economics and Law

Degree courses

The Bachelor’s degree course in Economics and Management (L-18) and the Master’s degree course in Economics and Business Management (LM-77) have constantly focused on the creation of specific figures and operators such as entrepreneurs and managers in the area of administration, management and control, as well as business consultants and freelance professionals.

The five-year, single-cycle degree course in Law (LMG-01) consists of a single four-year course for all students, followed by a fifth-year that can be customised thanks to the provision of numerous contextual training activities of a highly professional nature, the choice of which is also guided by the constant support of efficient tutoring service.
Since its inception, the degree course has aimed to train judges, notaries, lawyers, corporate lawyers, officials of Italian and European institutions, teachers of legal and economic disciplines, etc..

The Bachelor of Strategic and security studies (L/DS) provides a course of study characterised by innovative teachings related to the broad framework of protecting fundamental human rights, public goods, and territory.

Graduates will be able to find employment in the public and private sectors, with operational, coordination or management functions in security (e.g. police forces, special departments of the armed forces, information and prevention services for internal and external state security).

A degree can also be a springboard for those already working in these fields and wishing to advance their careers.

Students wishing to enrol do not have to take a pre-selection test for all the Faculty’s three-year or single-cycle degree courses.

Matriculated students will still take a test designed to ascertain initial skills.

Free courses organised by the University will cover any training debts.

The Director

Prof. Raffaele Scuderi

Qualification: Full Professor
Scientific Disciplinary Sector:  SECS-P/06 – Applied Economics


Staff and structure

The growing success of the Faculty of Economics and Law is also due to the high qualification of the teaching staff, who are recruited following strict competition procedures or come from prestigious Italian and foreign universities.

The depth of the lecturers’ activities is evidenced by their publications and research with international and national impact, published in prestigious academic journals in their respective subject areas or the subject of monographic works.

The modern, spacious and welcoming logistics, also characterised by facilities equipped with advanced technological tools, constitute fundamental support for the success of the Faculty, as do the excellent administrative management with its competent and courteous staff.