School of Medicine and Surgery

The Kore University of Enna, after having worked with determination for the birth of this new Faculty, intends to express in the field of medical training and research the same commitment it has made in its first fifteen years of life in all other scientific and educational fields in which it has extended its interests, pursuing the same objectives of quality, seriousness, transparency and attention that have made it one of the most appreciated universities in Italy by students and the academic world.

The new Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the Kore University of Enna was created in the context of a successful and fruitful collaboration between all four Sicilian universities, which unanimously expressed their full support for this goal, which should be considered an important sign of cohesion and projection towards the future of the entire Sicilian university system, with its centuries-old and prestigious tradition.

The Director

Prof.ssa Roberta Malaguarnera

Qualification: Full Professor
Scientific Disciplinary Sector: MED/04 – General pathology