DEPARTMENT of Human and Social Sciences (SUS)


Facilities (disciplinary laboratories, classrooms, study spaces and library) of outstanding quality where teaching and training activities are carried out, and which allow students to make use of suitable, comfortable and technologically advanced spaces (the wi-fi system is available in every area of the Faculty).

The Faculty includes among its facilities the “Pettinato” Lecture Hall and the “Maria Montessori” Great Hall, which, with its capacity of almost 400 seats, is the venue for numerous scientific and cultural events of considerable national and international appeal.

Throughout their training thanks to the presence of a special University commission, which represents a point of reference for the resolution of problems related to teaching and physical and organisational structures, with the opportunity to request the necessary aids and/or additional time to complete entrance tests and profit exams.

In order to encourage inter-university exchange, international cooperation, comparison of learning methods and better knowledge of foreign languages, our students are encouraged to spend periods of mobility for study or training purposes at prestigious foreign universities and research institutes thanks to the Erasmus+ Programme \ Kore International Relations Office (KIRO).


The range of courses offered by the Department of Humanities and Society (SUS)

Students interested in their own cultural development will find in the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences the best conditions to study with serenity and profit.

  • Sport and exercise sciences
  • Psychological Sciences and Techniques
  • Social work and criminology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Sport science and preventive and adapted physical activity

It is also the seat of state examinations for the professions regulated by Presidential Decree 328/2001 – Psychologist, Doctor of Psychological Techniques for Social, Organisational and Work contexts, Doctor of Psychological Techniques for Personal and Community Services.

Section: A and B

PhD in Contexts, environments and lifestyles for health and well-being (cycle XXXVI and XXXVII), exclusively for master’s degree holders and aimed at providing higher education for a scientific or research university career; Postgraduate and Master’s courses, promoted in collaboration with other bodies and institutions, with the aim of facilitating the student’s path towards the world of work.

The Director


Qualification: Full Professor
Scientific Disciplinary Sector: M-PSI/07


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