CLIK (Centro Linguistico Interfacoltà Kore)

At the Kore Inter-faculty Language Centre, students can learn not only the most common European languages and cultures, namely English, French and Spanish, but also non-European languages and cultures such as Arabic and Chinese.

Our students can attend special development courses, participate in seminars and events held by Visiting Professors from foreign universities, and use the laboratory spaces for independent language learning with the use of multimedia materials.

CLIK is also a scientific research centre in the field of foreign language teaching.

CLIK activities

The Kore Inter-faculty Language Centre (CLIK) provides English language eligibility courses for all degree courses (three-year and masters) at our University.

In addition, the Language Centre is a venue for internship activities and regularly hosts a large number of trainees.

Certifications and courses

The Language Centre has agreements with the main language certification bodies and provides preparation and examinations for the following certifications:

  • Cambridge Assessment English (CAE) and IELTS for the English language,
  • DELE for the Spanish language,
  • DELF/DALF for the French language,
  • DITALS – Teaching Italian as a Second Language.

We also provide Arabic language courses and exams at A1 level.

In terms of preparation for certification, we provide intensive courses each year to prepare for language certification exams.

The intensive courses are free of charge for students regularly enrolled in any degree or PhD programme at Kore University.