• Nominations and Applications

    International candidates willing to come to the University of Enna ‘Kore’ for an exchange period under Erasmus+ for Studies, shall apply at their home institution. Official nominations are to be sent via email to by your home Universities. The Kore International Relations Office (KIRO) will notify your university of your acceptance.

    Students willing to apply for Erasmus mobility at the University of Enna, must send their completed application form by email to by the following deadlines (you can download the application form from this page under ‘downloads’):


    ● Application: from 15th April to 15th June 


    ● Application: from 16th September to 30th November 

     Application form Erasmus student IN

  • Learning Agreement

    Students must enclose the LA signed by them and the home institution with the application form. The LA doesn't have to be signed by the Erasmus Coordinator at the University of Enna Kore: she/he will sign it once the application procedure is completed and will send it back to you via email. Please consult the latest Course Catalogue to complete your Learning Agreement. Templates provided by the home institution are accepted; a common template is available below:


    Learning Agreement for studies - SMS Incoming Students

  • Course catalogue
  • Language requirements

    Please note that all classes (except classes from the foreign language department) are held in Italian. Therefore, an A2 Italian level for students attending course units is highly recommended. Professors may offer readings materials in English, but classes are taught in Italian.

  • Italian intensive language and culture courses

    Every year the Language Center (CLIK) offers intensive courses on Italian language and culture for international students. The course usually starts a couple of weeks before the beginning of each semester. If you intend to attend the course, please list it in your Learning Agreement (this course is worth 5 CFU). For more information consult the page of the Language Center. After passing the final exam the Language Center will issue a language certification with the results obtained.


    Download allegati:

    ●    corso di lingua e cultura italiana

  • Key Academic dates
  • On your arrival - Welcome Days

    Welcome Days

    The Welcome Days are addressed to all incoming students taking part in a mobility programme (Erasmus+ for Studies, Double & Joint Degrees).

    Students are introduced to the University of Enna ‘Kore’ and provided with all the information needed to ensure a great and fruitful stay at UniKore.


    The Welcome Days take place at the beginning of each semester. The specific date will be announced to perspective students by email.


    If you miss the Welcome day, you must come at the KIRO office to register your arrival

  • At the end of your stay

    Certificate of departure

    At the end of your stay, the KIRO office will issue a certificate of departure that indicates the beginning and the end date of your mobility.


    Transcript of Records

    At the end of your stay we will send your home University the original Transcript of Records.

  • ECTS

    The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a system for transferring university credits throughout Europe. It is based on the clearness and transparency of the students’ plans of study and on the assignment of appropriate credits for work completed. The objective of this system is to guarantee that credit for the courses and exams taken during the period spent is granted according to clear rules, known to students before leaving and based on precise and recognized agreements ruled by mechanisms that are common to all institutions participating in the Programme. Kore University of Enna - according to European directives regulating the ECTS- has established that 1 CFU = 1 ECTS.

  • Useful info

    Organizing your trip to Enna

    The closest airport to Enna is Catania Fontanarossa. The airport is served by many commercial airlines. You can find flight information on the airport website

    In case there are no direct flights to Catania from your point of departure, you may consider flying into any other major airport in Italy (Milan Malpensa, Venice, Rome FCO, Naples, etc.) and get a connecting flight from there. The distance between Catania Airport and Enna is approximately 70 kilometers. The best way to reach Enna from Catania airport is by bus. You can check the local bus timetable here:

    The departure point you may enter is either ‘Catania aeroporto’ (if you are taking the bus directly from the airport) or ‘Catania Stazione’, if you are taking the bus from the bus station terminal near Catania train station. The bus stop in Enna closest to the University is “Enna bassa”. It is a 5 minute-walking distance from the University library, and about 10 minutes to KIRO. You can purchase your bus ticket from the ticket counter outside the airport (or by the bus station), or online (you will receive an email with a link to a digital ticket that you will have to show to the bus driver when boarding the bus). The bus ticket costs 8EU one way.

    It is not advised to take trains to Enna, since the train station is far from our campus and you will need to get a taxi. 

    What to do if you miss the last bus from the airport to Enna?

    In this case, take the local airport bus (Alibus) to the city of Catania (5 kilometers). The Alibus departure point is outside the Arrival terminal. The ticket costs 4EU each way and can be purchased directly on the bus (cash or ATM). The Alibus runs approximately every 25 minutes and it takes about 20 minutes to reach Catania’s train station. The bus makes several stops on the way. Check the map to see which stop would be closest to your hotel.

    Alternatively, you can take a taxi to the city center that would cost you around 20/25 Euros.

    Useful tourist information is available at the airport at Infopoint (open from 9:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. in winter and 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. in summer).



    The university doesn’t have a dorm, but there are several private residencies.


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