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University Residence SixtyFour-Rooms

The newly established University Kore's (built 2007) social-meeting point. It is a combination student self-service refectory, complete bar in an extremely modern, elegant hotel and student residence setting. A perfect meeting place to make new friends and enjoy live-music!


64 rooms


The new, centralized university library (bulit 2010) occupies an entire floor of the University's Main Building. It is equipped with the latest in computer technology and represents a precious educational and cultural patrimony available to all students. It supports all research and didactic activities of the university.




The CLIK - Kore Interfaculty Language Center  is the university language service, emphasizing the importance of diverse cultural heritages and is an integral part of the daily academic activity of KORE. Stuents from all faculties of the university share in learning and deepening their knowledge of both European and non European languages (Arab and Chinese). These courses are available with qualified mother-tongue teachers incorporating the latest teaching technologies. The CLIK offers spacious, well-equipped teaching and learning areas, multimedia rooms and a modern auditorium with seating capacity for one hundred-eight students.


The principal goals of this university service regards orientation trough promoting accessibility to work opportunities and sostaining graduates in their search for professional recognition and employment. Other goal of UKEPASS is to assure through counseling activities the continuity of the educative experience not to mention offering employment opportunities in the university field. 



Università degli Studi di Enna "Kore" - Cittadella Universitaria 94100 Enna

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