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Kore profile

Kore University is an independent private higher education institution. It is one of the newest private universities in Italy. Its legal status was legislated by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, (decree n. 116, 5 May 2005). Presently, more than 8000 students are enrolled at Kore. Kore University offers sixty degree courses (3 second cycle + 2 one long cycle + 11 first cycle) among the three Faculties: Engineering, Architecture and Physical Education & Sport Sciences, Economic Sciences and Law, and Human and Social Sciences. Upon successful completion of the complete study programme, students receive 180 ECTS (first cycle)+ 120 ECTS (second cycle).

Since 2008, the university of Enna offers a PhD in: - Policies and Comparative Rights in the Euromediterranean Area; - Political Party Systems and Policy Communication; - Mobility Systems Architecture; - Aeronautical Technologies and Infrastructures; - Integration Paths and Identity Processes in the Mediterranean System; - Psycho-pedagogy of Integration. The University Kore of Enna is the final result of a ten-year long experiment, the fourth institution of higher learning in Sicily in chronological order after Catania, Messina and Palermo. Kore has earned a national reputation of the highest order through the realization of multi-purpose-designed academic structures, innovative facilities, state-of-the-art laboratories, which have created the basis for teacher/student relationships that are impossible to find in other, larger universities. In this sense, Kore can be seen as an “avant-guard” reality for a modern multicultural and multi-ethnic university, the university of the new millennium. The prime objective of our university is to establish new educational “frontiers” in the Mediterranean basin, a vast region of different customs, traditions, cultures and of the history of ancient civilizations.


Kore Kore

The mission of our university is not only to promote a greater awareness of Mediterranean cultural realities, but also to allow a permanent exchange of teaching staff and students between other universities, national or foreign, and also between the cultural institutions of the region. Kore constantly follows the student acadamic path thanks to an efficient tutoring system, guiding him to the point of being able to overcome any eventual learning difficulty. The student will also be kept properly informed about his career prospects, supporting needs which are far from family and home.