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Our country is characterised by a high seismicity with an urban fabric that is inadequate to absorb even low and medium intensity earthquakes.

In this context, the study of seismic risk is one of the most important and topical issues for the protection of human lives, structures and infrastructures, and the natural and cultural heritage in which our territory is rich.

The presence of laboratories with high-tech instrumentation is essential for the study of seismic risk and mitigation strategies, as they play a key role in understanding the phenomena related to the response of structures to earthquakes.

They make it possible to validate analytical calculation models and qualify equipment with advanced technologies that can improve the performance of structures under seismic stress.

On the basis of these considerations, through a financing PON R&C 2007-2013 – Axis I “Support to structural changes”, a centre with large equipment and scientific instruments in the field of seismic engineering and experimental dynamics has been built at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Enna “Kore”, named L.E.D.A. Research Centre Laboratory of Earthquake engineering and Dynamic Analysis.

As the effects of an earthquake, and of vibrations in general, can be studied in an experimental laboratory through two complementary approaches:
Dynamic tests on a vibrating table(Shaking Table)
Pseudo-dynamic tests with reaction structure/contrast system(Strong Floor – Reaction Wall)
the idea behind the project that led to the creation of the L.E.D.A. Research Centre was to create a laboratory which, by using vibrating tables and large reaction structures, would allow seismic tests to be carried out so as to fully exploit the complementary nature of both the traditional techniques of dynamics and pseudo-dynamics.

Advanced hybrid testing methods can also be explored at the L.E.D.A. Research Centre.

This characteristic places L.E.D.A. in a privileged position in the national and international panorama of large laboratories for experimental tests.
Lastly, the laboratory is equipped with equipment (high-dynamic vibrating benches) that allow it to operate at high frequencies and develop strategic research areas other than the civil sector, such as the transport, automotive and telecommunications, aeronautics, environment, energy and defence industries.

All laboratories, the Research Centre and teaching facilities are housed in one building, thus promoting interaction between theoretical, experimental and teaching activities.
The L.E.D.A. has been built on the campus of the University of Enna Kore, in an area well served by the transport infrastructure of Sicily and in a barycentric position with respect to the Mediterranean basin.