Informative Note

The University of Enna “Kore” adheres to the national IDEM Federation (federated IDEntity Management for access to services), for the creation of the federated authentication and authorization infrastructure of the GARR network, and the eduGAIN inter-federation


List of Resources associated with the IDEM GARR AAI Federation which can be accessed using the credentials provided for this Identity Provider.



Login credentials are given to:

  • Teaching and research staff
  • Technical administrative and library staff
  • Students

Access to IDEM services can be done by using the credentials normally used to access the University of Enna “Kore’s” WIFI network.


User Support

For technical information or to request assistance, send an e-mail to


Federated Resource Access Guide

Guide to accessing the IDEM and eduGAIM federated resources

Information for the Release of User Attributes to Resource Providers

The Identity Provider (IDP), in accordance with the legislation present in the IDEM (regulation), provides the Service Providers (SP), upon request, only the information about the user (called attributes) which is strictly necessary.

Attribute specifications are available at Technical Information GARR Attributes

In order to ensure better privacy management, the required attributes will be highlighted during the access phase to a Service Provider and only upon acceptance will it be possible to use the service itself.

The information to be transmitted can vary from Resource to Resource.
This Identity Provider will send to each Resource only the information requested by them.
The following table lists all the information that this Identity Provider could transmit to a Resource that requests it.

sn Cognome
givenName Given Name
cn Given Name, Surname
displayName Given Name, Surname
mail E-mail
schacHomeOrganization Identification of membership organization
schacHomeOrganizationType Type of organization
eduPersonScopedAffiliation Type of affiliation to membership organization
schacPersonalUniqueCode Unique code assigned by their organization
eduPersonPrincipalName Unique code for the user
eduPersonEntitlement Values used to grant privileges to the resource You want to access

The privacy policy for users of the University of Studies Enna “Kore” is available through the link: Privacy Policy.